Nick Lough
Wednesday, Oct 7th, 2009

BILLINGS – An Ohio man thought he was applying for a job in international training projects with American Police Force, but he’s the latest target of an alleged California conman.

When Michael Cohen submitted his resume for a possible job in international training projects on American Police Force’s website several weeks ago he had no idea what would happen next. “He called me and said he received my information and would like to discuss a project he had going on,” said Cohen. “He” is Michael Hilton, leader of APF and a man whose criminal history includes convictions for fraud and theft, a man also pushing to take over the vacant Hardin Jail.

“As I asked him more specific questions about the project he wouldn’t give me specific answers. He never told me what the project was about and I never met with him again,” said Cohen. The Ohio man says at no time during his conversation with Hilton did he ever mention anything about Cohen running the jail, but Two Rivers Authority board members claim Hilton told them Cohen was onboard and ready to take control.

“I would like to know what kind recourse I have that he’s giving my name and information to this board saying i was going to be part of it,” said Cohen.

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