ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Neighbors are raising questions over the safety of a busy east Orange County road after two sisters were hit by cars on Alafaya trail, just days before Christmas.

One sister was killed. The other is in critical condition.

They were hit Thursday night on Alafaya trail at Science Drive

Neighbors say the biggest concern with the road is the number of cars, coupled with the high number of pedestrians who cross it.

Friday afternoon Orange County firefighters were back out at the scene of Thursday night's deadly crash. Florida Highway Patrol Troopers said 17-year-old Jacquelyn Melchor and her 11-year-old sister, Reina Rios, darted into traffic, not in a cross-walk, troopers say, and they didn't have the light to walk.

Neighbors say what happened here is sad, but not surprising.

"People can't see them crossing the road. And they're probably driving over the speed limit, it's dark, they're talking on their cell phones, they're going over the speed limit, it's a recipe for disaster," neighbor Brian Rasmussen said.

Rasmussen lives nearby and came to the intersection just to look for himself.

"So many people get killed here every year, college students and younger," Rasmussen said.

Crash scene investigators believe the girls had just left Walgreens after picking up last minute Christmas items. They were headed home when a jeep slammed into them, but it was a second car that ran over 11-year-old Reina, killing her instantly.

"I don't know if I'd try to cross it with the light in my favor. It's that busy out here," Eddie Herrell of the Florida Highway Patrol said.

Neighbors think something has to be done.

"I think we really need a bridge, maybe two or three of them. One at this intersection, and one at Alafaya and University Boulevard," Rasmussen said. "I hurt for them, it's very sad."

WFTV was told the family is very distraught and at the hospital with Jacquelyn.

FHP Troopers said they don't expect charges to be filed against either driver.