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Thread: California Considers Banning Big Screen TVs

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    California Considers Banning Big Screen TVs

    Marc Lifsher
    Los Angeles Times
    October 15, 2009

    The influential lobby group Consumer Electronics Assn. is fighting what appears to be a losing battle to dissuade California regulators from passing the nation’s first ban on energy-hungry big-screen televisions.

    On Tuesday, executives and consultants for the Arlington, Va., trade group asked members of the California Energy Commission to instead let consumers use their wallets to decide whether they want to buy the most energy-saving new models of liquid-crystal display and plasma high-definition TVs.

    “Voluntary efforts are succeeding without regulations,” said Doug Johnson, the association’s senior director for technology policy. Too much government interference could hamstring industry innovation and prove expensive to manufacturers and consumers, he warned.

    But those pleas didn’t appear to elicit much support from commissioners at a public hearing on the proposed rules that would set maximum energy-consumption standards for televisions to be phased in over two years beginning in January 2011. A vote could come as early as Nov. 4.

    Read entire article


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    Schwarzenegger set to ban ?energy-guzzling? big screen TVs in California

    David Gardner
    Daily Mail
    Friday, October 16, 2009

    Big screen plasma televisions are to be banned in California because they use too much energy.

    In a world first, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has given his backing to the crackdown on sets more than 40 inches wide.

    These liquid crystal display and plasma high definition sets can use as much as three times the power of smaller cathode ray models.

    Experts say the ban will reduce the state’s rocketing electricity bill by £5billion over the next decade.

    This is the equivalent of about £20 a set per year. Environmentalists have applauded the move by the California Energy Commission, but manufacturers claim consumers will be hit in the pocket as they rush to switch sets.

    About a quarter of televisions currently available will have to be pulled from the shops, according to Doug Johnson of the Consumer Electronics Association.

    Full story here.


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    California Official: No Plan to Ban Big-Screen TVs

    Winston Woo
    Tuesday, Oct 20th, 2009

    Despite widespread reports in the media, California is not planning to ban the sale of large-screen TVs, an Energy Commission spokesman said.

    The reports—in several California-based news outlets in the past week—stirred outrage among California residents, who saw this as another attempt by state government to regulate their personal lives. California’s move, an attempt to cut down on energy use, was also being studied by several other states, including Massachusetts.

    In reality, California is planning to impose tougher power-consumption standards on TVs with screen sizes of 58 inches or less, according to Adam Gottlieb, a spokesperson for the Energy Commission.

    “Screens greater than 58 inches are not being considered at this time,” he added.

    Full article here


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