Passengers at Pearson airport in Toronto endure a slew of cancellations on flights to and from U.S. cities including Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

Nearly 155 flights to and from Toronto's main airport were cancelled Sunday because of snowstorms in the northeastern United States.

Pearson International Airport reported a flight cancellation rate of 13 per cent as of early Sunday afternoon. A typical rate for air travel is between one and two per cent.

Most flights to and from Boston and New York were cancelled, as were many to or from Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Hartford and other destinations in the U.S. Northeast.

A handful of flights to and from Germany were delayed.

An airport employee said the cancellations were due to stormy weather in other cities and not problems in Toronto.

Montreal's Trudeau airport reported 35 flights to the U.S. were cancelled and a handful of U.S.-bound flights were grounded at Halifax's Stanfield International.

Air travel from Europe was hugely disrupted, beginning just over a week ago, by one of the continent's heaviest snowfalls in decades. Most airports were back to normal by Saturday, but Frankfurt and Zurich still saw cancellations.

The U.S. East Coast, meanwhile, was expecting up to 50 centimetres of snow, and corresponding flight woes, across Massachusetts, New York state and parts of Pennsylvania on Sunday and Monday.

Continental Airlines pre-emptively cancelled 250 flights out of Newark airport in New Jersey scheduled for Monday.

Airlines also cancelled flights at airports in Washington, D.C., Baltimore, Chicago and the Carolinas.

Carriers ar expecting more cancellations Monday, but were hoping to resume normal operations Tuesday.