An Indiana family's pet dog was shot and killed.

The chocolate lab named Moose, who is also a hunting dog, was shot and killed Tuesday night when he wandered onto a neighbor's property in the Henry County town of Spiceland. The dog suffered six gunshot wounds to the head.

The owner described to 24-Hour News 8 the moments he began to realize his award-winning dog had been shot and killed.

“I stumbled onto a blood trail in a man’s field by the name of Tony Williams and at the time I didn’t really know for sure if it was in fact my dog or not,” Jimmy Jessie said.

Jessie says the neighbors at first denied they'd seen the family dog and then later admitted they had shot and killed him.

The neighbor, Tony Williams told police he "indeed shot the dog because it was on his property and was acting aggressive."

With a warning they were trespassing, Williams did allow the dog owners on his property to get their dog to take him home and bury him.