Two people died overnight Thursday in a house fire. Investigators say a space heater in one of the bedrooms caused the tragedy.

The man who died is Travor Haslerig, and the three-year-old girl is Keiara Gray, both of Huntsville.

The fire started just after 2 a.m. at a home in the 2600 block of Holmes Avenue. A Huntsville police officer was driving by the home and noticed flames shooting out.

The officer stopped, called for help, and got out of his car and immediately saw a woman in the front yard who was screaming. She said several people were still inside the house, including her children.

The officer, Mickey Brantley, ran up to the home and helped a man get out. The man had been overwhelmed by smoke, but Brantley got him to the front yard and then Brantley collapsed to his knees.
Other police officers pulled up and quickly got out of their patrol cars. One grabbed a crowbar and ran to the front window, and smashed it. Flames immediately shot out of that window.

When Huntsville firefighters arrived, the fire was out of control, with flames rolling off the top of the home. They rolled the hoses off of the trucks as quickly as they could to try to get water to the house.

In all, five people were inside the home at the time of the fire. Two adults and one child made it out alive. Two of the survivors, a woman and a young girl, were taken by HEMSI to Huntsville Hospital. However, we are told the girl, six-year-old Natalie Gray, was flown to a burn unit at a Birmingham hospital.