VENICE - A small plane crashed just south of the south jetty on Venice Beach Wednesday, injuring two adults.

The plane landed in the water nose-first around 4pm just off the beach, and all four passengers were able to get out and swim and walk to shore. The plane then washed ashore.

Pam Johnson with the City of Venice says there were 3 adults and one child on board. They have been identified as 49-year-old Walter Macedo and 2-year-old Christian Macedo of Kissimmee, 45-year-old Byron Zabala of New Jersey, and 37-year-old Alfredo Nachmann of Argentina. The child received no injuries and the two injured adults were taken to Venice Regional Medical Center for treatment.

The plane is a 1967 Beechcraft Musketeer, and had just taken off from nearby Venice Municipal Airport, just two and a half miles away. The plane arrived in town earlier Wednesday from Kissimmee via Bartow.

Walter Macedo is the owner of the plane.

Reports say the plane's engine suddenly quit while climbing out of the take off, and the pilot managed to glide the plane into the water just off the shore.

The plane sustained serious damage in the crash, and was removed from the beach Thursday afternoon.

The FAA is investigating.
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