Debra Black
Toronto Star
Jan 14, 2011

Linda Bird couldn’t believe it when agents from the U.S. Border patrol at the crossing between Manitoba and Minnesota told her she had illegal contraband in her car – and that she faced the possibility of a $300 fine.

The unlawful property in question: a Kinder Surprise egg she had bought as a gift.

Bird, a 48-year-old social-work student at the University of Manitoba, and her two sons, were caught up in a random search at the border.

The incident happened in early December. The family was asked for identification and then told to get out of the car and wait inside the U.S. Border patrol offices.

After 20 minutes, the U.S. officers came back and showed Bird what they’d found: the Kinder Surprise egg. The egg is forbidden because the toy inside might be a choking hazard.

“They told us it was prohibited,” she said in an interview with the*Star. Then they handed her a list of prohibited items that are not allowed in the United States which she took, escaping with just a warning.

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