Ottawa police said two female suspects are behind a string of robberies in Orléans.

Police said Thursday six thefts over the past two weeks, all targeting women in shopping centre parking lots or outside schools, follow a similar pattern.

The victim in each case returns to find she has a flat tire. One woman approaches and offers to help change the tire, police said.

A second female suspect then steals the victim's wallet or purse while she is distracted, police allege.

The first suspect then leaves, assuring the victim she will be back with help.

Police said in each case the victim's stolen credit cards have been used to make purchases, but did not release how much money was spent.

Two English-speaking women, 30 and 50, are being sought in connection with the crimes. Police said it's believed the women drive a beige SUV, or a grey-green van.

Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.