A bejeweled gang leader has just lost some of his glitter, according to police in Prince George.

Police have seized $200,000 worth of the man's custom-made jewelry as suspected proceeds of crime.

They aren't naming the man, who's currently behind bars. But they call him a high ranking member of the Game Tight Soldiers in Prince George.

Police said he's also connected with a Hells Angels puppet group called the Renegades.

RCMP Corp. Craig Douglass said the gang task force has seized guns, cash, cocaine and a lot of valuable "bling."

"There's a gold chain that weighs a considerable amount, there's rings, there's a charm that's as big as my palm gold with a significant amount of small diamond that we believe to be the proceeds of crime," he said.

It's now up to the courts to determine whether the jewelry and cash seized are proceeds of crime.