Toronto police say they've busted a sophisticated criminal organization that was smuggling opium into Canada inside cans of pickled cucumbers.

The operation was called Project Khiar — which means cucumber in Farsi.

"As far as we're concerned, this is a very sophisticated criminal organization that used creative means to import opium," said Staff Insp. Mario Di Tomasso

Police said the opium was hidden in things like refrigerators, furniture and industrial bolts.

They found liquid opium hidden inside cherry syrup. There was even opium made to look like pickled cucumbers and hidden in tin cans.

Police said it's not the first time they've seen drugs hidden in such an unusual way.

"Our officers are trained to keep up on concealment trends and share information — and this is one of the ones we've seen in the past," said Linda Robertson, the director of intelligence for the Canada Border Services Agency.

The investigation started when border services intercepted two shipments at the Port of Montreal.

Since then, they've intercepted at least four more including some that landed at Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

Police said this was an international crime ring, with the drugs originating in Iran, then passing through Turkey, the Netherlands, and France.

Ten people have been arrested and warrants have been issued for three more.

The drug haul included nearly 200 kilograms of opium and 44 kilograms of ephedrine, a drug used to make crystal meth.

Together, they have an estimated street value of $12 million.

Police said all of the drugs were destined to be sold on Toronto's streets.