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Thread: Murder victim faced sex charges

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    Murder victim faced sex charges

    A man found dead in Hermitage Park earlier this month was facing numerous sexual assault charges including some involving a minor.

    The body of Daniel Nickel, 26, was found near 137th Avenue and 20th Street on Jan. 13.

    CBC News has confirmed that Nickel, 26, was facing 11 charges at the time of his death, including four counts of sexual assault and four counts of sexual contact with a minor.

    The killing doesn't seem to be the result of a random attack, police said. But they won't say what role, if any, the charges are playing in their homicide investigation.
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    Re: Murder victim faced sex charges

    I am not surprised, vigilante justice runs wild where I live. Only in the past 4 months a girl was rapped, and then an attempt was made on the rapists life followed with arson. The police and firemen just let the house burn, or at least didn't look to be trying very hard. Then a policeman was killed and his killers house was burned down and then the killer killed. Where I live, it seems like the criminals have more to fear than the police. I don't know what to think about it, so many fires and arsons, I would be afraid to be a criminal here, people are sick and tired and want justice, and not through the police. I truly believe there is an underground network of vigilantes here who have decided to take charge. I am not afraid because I do not break the law, but I am sadden by the failure of our government to keep us safe and the need for the people to take charge.

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