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Thread: Casket found in hoarder's home

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    Casket found in hoarder's home

    -- A huge pile of items, including a casket, was pulled out of a Des Moines home on Friday.

    Neighbors describe a family being evicted from their home as hoarders.

    The house is being cleaned out at 1702 Arlington Ave. The street is lined with boxes, plastic storage containers, a mattress, a TV, chairs, shoes, shelves, black garage bags, old deck chairs, a garbage can full of wrapping paper, lamp shades, a casket and much more.

    Neighbors said the pile has been growing larger all day, some of the piles are more than four foot tall.
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    Re: Casket found in hoarder's home

    I actually know someone who is a hoarder to that level. When you walk in his house there are tiny pathways to walk through and the rest of the house is literally filled with junk. Seems weird to have a casket, but hoarders can end up with all kinds of things. Still, I do hope there wasn't a body in that casket.

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    Re: Casket found in hoarder's home

    Yeah I would hope there was not a body as well. I had a friend growing up who's parents were hoarders. They had so much stuff that there were not even pathways and they probably had enough furniture to fill 10 house. It was quite disgusting and I cannot imagine living that way.

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    Re: Casket found in hoarder's home

    I just can't help but wonder where the heck they got it from. I mean, it's not like the average Joe sells caskets at garage sales or flea markets. I feel sorry for people like this because there is obviously more going on here than just a desire to collect junk. I think it goes psychologically deeper than that.

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    Re: Casket found in hoarder's home

    It has to be psychological, I mean this family could have sold so much of this stuff to make a better life or should have know what of this junk was junk. This is creepy.

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