A Montreal doctor has been suspended and fined $3,000 for filming female patients while they were naked, with a hidden camera.

Quebec's College of Physicians suspended Dr. Barry Rabinovitch for four months, effective Feb. 14.

The professional order says Rabinovitch, a pulmonologist, committed a serious violation which was compounded by the fact that he was in a position of authority.

According to the disciplinary report released by the college's disciplinary committee, Rabinovitch filmed more than a dozen female patients in various stages of undress, over the span of one year.

The reported incidents occurred in 2009 at the Montreal Chest Institute and at the Queen Elizabeth Health Centre.

Rabinovitch admitted to the college that the illicit videos were for his personal gratification.

The 56-year-old is a married father of two children and a lung specialist. He is also an associate professor with McGill University's medical faculty.

The videos were seized by police after an administrator at the Chest Institute filed a complaint with the College of Physicians.

Rabinovitch immediately stopped teaching and seeing patients after that. He also underwent a psychiatric evaluation.
MUHC issues statement

In a statement released Tuesday, MUHC director of professional services, Dr. Ewa Sidorowicz said "every possible measure has been put in place to ensure that our patients are protected."

"Appropriate steps were taken immediately to protect patients and staff as soon as the incident of inappropriate behaviour was reported."

The Montreal Chest Institute is one of several hospitals in the McGill University Health Centre network.