A Gatineau police officer dismissed for undisclosed reasons last week has a history of suspensions and appearances before disciplinary hearings, CBC News has learned.

Gatineau police put out a brief news release last week announcing the dismissal of one of their officers following an investigation of a criminal nature. The release didn't say who the officer was or what he had done, other than that it was an "unacceptable act".

CBC News has learned the dismissed officer is Constable Jeffrey Greetham, a 21-year-veteran of the Gatineau police force with a history of disciplinary hearings.

In 1999 Greetham was suspended 10 working days after he was found guilty of engaging in a public sex act in a bar in Buckingham, Quebec while on duty, an incident in which he gave his pistol to the bar owner to keep in a safe while he had sex.

In 2000 he again appeared in front of Quebec's police commission on charges of disrespecting and harassing a citizen but was cleared on those charges.

Greetham was suspended again following an incident in 2005 in which he was brought up on charges of unreasonable use of force and arresting a person without just cause.

He was cleared of the use of force charge on appeal but the second charge stuck and he was suspended for 15 working days.

Greetham was later appointed to work as a police educator, going into Gatineau's elementary schools to teach fifth- and sixth-graders about harassment and bullying.

It is just the second time since 2002 that Gatineau police have dismissed one of their officers.

The police union is contesting the dismissal and is calling for the officer to be reinstated.