October 30, 2009

The yard sale at 722 Center Ave. has been canceled. That much is clear.

The rest of the story, including allegations that police threatened to arrest the 80-year-old homeowner because she didn’t have a permit? Not so much.

The facts are these: After 60 years in Holly Hill, Pauline Liles is moving to Tennessee to live with her daughter’s family. Her husband, Jack, is already there, having suffered a stroke that has immobilized him. Pauline, an old hand at yard sales, was hoping to sell most of their stuff before joining him next week.

She advertised the three-day sale in the newspaper, but when she went to the city first thing Wednesday to purchase the $5 permit, it was denied. The city currently allows just two such sales in a year, and city officials said Liles had already met her limit.

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