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Millions of animals dead in Australia fires

Millions of animals dead in Australia fires.

SYDNEY (AP) - Kangaroo corpses lay scattered by the roadsides while wombats that survived the wildfire’s onslaught emerged from their underground burrows to find blackened earth and nothing to eat.

Wildlife rescue officials on Wednesday worked frantically to help the animals that made it through Australia’s worst-ever wildfires but they said millions of animals likely perished in the inferno.

Scores of kangaroos have been found around roads, where they were overwhelmed by flames and smoke while attempting to flee, said Jon Rowdon, president of the rescue group Wildlife Victoria.

Kangaroos that survived are suffering from burned feet, a result of their territorial behavior. After escaping the initial flames, the creatures—which prefer to stay in one area—likely circled back to their homes, singeing their feet on the smoldering ground.

“It’s just horrific,” said Neil Morgan, president of the Statewide Wildlife Rescue Emergency Service in Victoria, the state where the raging fires were still burning. “It’s disaster all around for humans and animals as well.”

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Red tape held up national bushfire warnings

Red tape held up national bushfire warnings - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

It has emerged that a nationwide bushfire alert system could have been in place before the weekend’s devastating fires in Victoria, but it was held up by bureaucratic wrangling.

The scheme to use Australia’s telephone network to issue mass warnings to residents in areas threatened by disasters has been before the Federal Government since 2004.
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