Purification and renewal time. America is dying from within. If you are not spiritually connected to earth and understand spiritual reality of how to live on earth it's likely you will not make it. We are here on earth, and then go to spirit world. Drink good water to stay healthy. River used to be clean to drink. Earth, water, atmosphere is corrupted, and then it will create its own reaction. Storms and floods will become greater. Learn how to plant something, that's the first connection.

You have to raise your own leaders. All children have a common leader. You have to guide that person. There are natural leaders. Bill of Rights (should have been a bill of responsibility), leadership has to have responsibility. Vision and compassion for the future seven generations. Tree does not grow by itself. Certain trees, certain plants will gather around certain trees. Certain medicines will gather around those certain plants. If you cut down the tree, you are destroying the community. Learn by watching animals.

They tell you where the medicine is, because they use it themselves. Corporations (not nations) are driving force of decision making today. Power is always in people's hands, they need to challenge the values, and it's become consumer society driven by economics not common sense. Everybody should be their own leader - do their thinking for themselves by using their own common sense. Don't blindly follow someone.

Earth has its own process. If it comes to the point where we destroy ourselves (and humans are no longer here on earth), earth will not disappear. No matter what damage you think you have done to the earth, it will regenerate itself. Must have a moral society. We have not passed the line of no return, but we are approaching it.

Everyone has a mission. In Indian's history, man of strength was in charge, not the wise man. Peacemaker approached those leaders to try to help them understand they should not be killing each other. Men now responsible for counsel. Reason and law would be basis. Use your mind, do not fight. Women would be mothers. Everything is in twos. Female carries life. Trees, fish, animals, everything that grows, everything is life, we are a family, all life. Important to keep the balance.