UK Daily Mail
March 28, 2011

  • - Rolling Stone reveals how U.S. troops murdered Afghan civilians
  • - Soldiers cut off 15-year-old boy’s finger and kept it as trophies
  • - Video captures U.S. troops cheering as airstrike kills two Afghan civilians
Shocking new details emerged today of how American troops formed a ‘death squad’ to randomly murder Afghan civilians and mutilate their corpses.

An investigation by Rolling Stone magazine details how senior officers failed to stop troops killing Afghans and keeping their body parts as trophies.

In one horrific episode, the magazine claims troops chopped off a dead Afghan boy’s finger and later used it as ‘gambling chip’ in a game of cards.

The damning dossier is likely to prove to be highly damaging for the Army still reeling from last week’s revelations about the brutal acts of violence carried out by the notorious ‘Death Squad’.

The investigation by Rolling Stone also revealed how:

  • Troops shot dead civilians and tried to cover their tracks
  • U.S. soldiers hacked off part of a dead man’s skull
  • Soldiers cheered as they filmed a U.S. airstrike blowing up two Afghan civilians
  • A video showed two Afghans on a motorcycle being gunned down
The magazine claims the men hacked off bits of skull from their victims and kept them as trophies of their kills.

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