EU wants to regulate Internet

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Translated from Dutch
Politicians in Brussels has recently gone on the Internet and discovered that there were many Web sites use cookies, small files placed on the Internet browser of the user are stored and linked pages are used to provide a particular service. Think of profile sites, on-line stores, Internet banking, email providers - almost all sites that require user interaction.

Of course cookies can also abuse, which particularly in the beginning of the Internet ever happened. Who in 2009 is not served by cookies may include the privacy settings of Firefox or Internet Explorer to set precisely whether and how cookies may be used. That empowerment is a Brussels However eyesore.

The EU wants a ban on storing and reading cookies. Websites who want to leave cookies, or want to read these files, consumers should ask for permission. This opt-in measure is a new European directive already approved by the European Council, the meeting of European leaders. About a half years, this rule will be valid. The bureaucrats in Brussels was "of paramount importance that users clear and comprehensive information when they undertake an activity that could result in such storage or access to cookies.

This completely unnecessary measure has far reaching implications for Internet businesses. All websites that require interaction with the user to have the shovel, and Internet users will be bombarded with irritating pop-ups asking for permission to use cookies. We have a better solution for this nonexistent problem: send all the politicians who agreed with this proposal for a computer course.