With his outspoken, conservative views, TV commentator Glenn Beck constantly courts controversy in the U.S. but in Israel it's another matter.

On his latest trip to Israel, and in his first time at the Knesset in Jerusalem, the Israeli parliament, he was given nothing short of a hero's welcome.

He received several rounds of applause by lawmakers there as he voiced his unequivocal support for Israel, with one leading politician saying: 'If we didn't have someone like Glenn Beck we would have had to invent someone like him.'

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Mr Beck spoke on Monday before a packed parliamentary committee. In the same brusque style that made him popular on Fox News, Mr Beck encouraged lawmakers to 'stop playing the game' of mainstream media.

He called on members of parliament to 'speak the truth' about Israel and its adversaries.

His appearance in parliament comes ahead of a pro-Israel rally he plans for August in Jerusalem's Old City.

Red carpet treatment: Sign in Jerusalem welcoming the TV commentator

Leading Israeli politician Danny Danon, who had invited the conservative pundit to Israel, introduced him by saying: 'I am glad to host a friend of the State of Israel... Usually we don't clap here in the Knesset, but maybe we can do that at the end."

Mr Danon lauded Mr Beck's love for Israel and his ability to passionately defend and advocate for both the state and the Jewish people.

'Glenn Beck has a lot of experience with putting facts on the table.

'If we didn't have someone like Glenn Beck we would have had to invent someone like him,' Danon added.

Mr Beck discussed how the shocking reality of Israeli everyday life, under constant threat of terrorism, does not prevent the public from living their lives comfortably and casually.

Please, please: Glenn Beck soaks up the applause as he addresses a parliamentary committee at the Knesset in Jerusalem on Monday

According to the Jerusalem Post, Mr Beck made a couple points based on 'the few things I actually know' about Israel.

Firstly, he said, Israeli-Palestinian conflict is about destruction of Israel and the West.
He told lawmakers that the world is about to change.

'Everything you thought you can count on, forget about it,' he said.

Mr Beck left his Fox show last month after a ratings dip.

He plans to launch a daily two-hour show for paying customers on his own Internet network in September.


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