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Thread: The DNA snatchers: Police arresting innocents just to grab genetic details for Big Br

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    The DNA snatchers: Police arresting innocents just to grab genetic details for Big Br

    James Slack
    UK Daily Mail
    Tuesday, Nov 24th, 2009

    Police are arresting innocent people in order to get their hands on as many DNA samples as possible, senior Government advisers revealed last night.

    The Human Genetics Commission said the Big Brother tactic was creating a ’spiral of suspicion’ among the public.

    The panel – which contains some of Britain’s leading scientists and academics – said officers should no longer routinely take samples at the point of arresting a suspect.

    They also called for all police – including support staff – to place their own DNA on the national database in a show of solidarity with a public being routinely placed under suspicion.

    By law, officers are only allowed to make an arrest if they have ‘ reasonable suspicion’ that a person has committed a crime.


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    Police arresting people ?just for the DNA?

    Peter Griffiths
    November 24, 2009

    Britain has built the world’s biggest DNA database without proper political debate and police routinely arrest people just to get their DNA profiles onto the system, the genetics watchdog said in a report on Tuesday.

    The Human Genetics Commission, which advises the government on the social, legal and ethical aspects of genetics, called for a review of the database and said new laws must be passed to govern its use.

    In a damning report, the commission said “function creep” had transformed the system from a DNA store for offenders into a database of suspects.

    More than three-quarters of young black men aged between 18 and 35 are on the system, the report said.

    Read entire article


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