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Thread: High Schooler Jailed for Truancy

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    High Schooler Jailed for Truancy

    While this terrible you think they would at least look at her her school records you realize she's actually doing better than most students but jailer for truancy. When I think there to teach this girl is working to help feed her family. Certainly not in the teacher to trust the government.

    'The rest of the world is on her side': Group raises more than $91K for honour student jailed for truancy who works two jobs to support her siblings.

    Diane Tran, 17, thrown in jail for one night because of repeated absences from school over six-month period.

    Honours student has been working two jobs to keep family afloat since parents' divorce.

    Group in Louisiana helped raise more than $91,000 for student for taking care of siblings and going to college

    Take your blinders off...

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    Re: High Schooler Jailed for Truancy

    Well I believe this to be a very good response to your thread, if you didn't already know US schools are just like prisons:

    Check out the video on this thread for more information:
    The War On Kids - 3 minute video (trailer)
    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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