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Thread: 100,000+ Gather In Tokyo To Protest Nuclear Power..!

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    100,000+ Gather In Tokyo To Protest Nuclear Power..!

    Jul 15, 2012

    Rally, billed as the primary removal "100,000 primary rally goodbye" has been made in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo. 3:00 pm, tens of thousands of participants, the march has been around.
    Main Stage venue, it was filled with people.

    さようなら原発10万人集会」と銘打った脱原発集会が、東京・代々木公園で行われている。午後 3時現在、数 万人規模の参加者が、周辺をデモ行進している。

    Participants "100,000 primary rally goodbye" tens of thousands march (12/07/16)
    さようなら原発10万人集会」 数万人規模の参加者がデモ行進 (12/07/16)

    Energy flows where attention goes...

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    Re: 100,000+ Gather In Tokyo To Protest Nuclear Power..!

    This leaves me wondering is it more propaganda or is actually true? This is probably a staged protest.
    If it is true they probably have an ulterior motive for removing nuclear power. What's the alternative? Reducing our power consumption? More green policies or laws? Increase electricity prices? I'm sure whatever it is it was planned from the beginning. Way before the tsunami hit.
    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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