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Thread: No traffic lights in downtown Sinop for 14 years

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    No traffic lights in downtown Sinop for 14 years

    This people can live with less law, common courtesy at intersections.

    This is translated from Turkish:

    SINOP due to lack of need for the city center and the pedestrian traffic lights junction, the decision of the Provincial Traffic Commission was abolished in 1998. There he was removed because of the traffic lights for 14 years, car drivers do not know what the red light sentence.


    Transportation in the city center as a result of the decision of the Traffic Commission for Sinop Province, started to function since 1998 without a traffic light. Although there has been no disruption in the removal of traffic lights.


    A city of Sinop, tolerant people who respected each other, saying that the Governor Ahmet Cengiz, "the lack of traffic lights and I'm connecting to it. Sinop, a city with one main entrance way. Despite these restrictions, no traffic light in Sinop. The traffic does not cause arising from the discussion. This sense we can say the only city in Turkey. So far, to us, 'Why do not Sinop traffic light, there's no reason now at the crossroads?' Anyone who did not. No one has requested, "he said.


    If the Police Chief of Honor Aytekin provinces of Sinop, Turkey, which is at least one traffic accident, he said. Aytekin Sinop, indicating that the drivers respect each other, "the road to making a nuisance does not arise. For this reason, for the moment the traffic light is not needed in the city center. Sinop is also up to the car drivers wore a seat belt at the head of the provinces," he said. Honor Aytekin, red light violation in the penalty save 115 pounds is 50 cents, "a punishment that does not red light violation," he said.


    In Sinop residents said they were satisfied with this situation. Ersin 55-year-old Long, the city is working to comply with respecting people's rules, said: "We see some big cities, traffic light, although not enough to handle the traffic. However, despite the light traffic disruption jobs in Sinop. Our opinion, not a problem. Here in traffic accident becomes very small, "he said.


    At the heart of the city of Sinop Mobese followed by cameras the last 3 years, except for the traffic light two people died in traffic accidents that occur for different reasons, 262 people were injured. Stated that 19 thousand 713 vehicles licensed to the city center.

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    Re: No traffic lights in downtown Sinop for 14 years

    The main reason why traffic lights are necessary in North America is because most people are on a time limit and they're rushing to get to their destination. I would like to know what type of lifestyle the people in this Turkish city are living and compare it to the lifestyles of other cities of similar size in North America.
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