This looks a lot like the Montauk monster.

Mystery 'beast' washes up on Wales coast - Montauk monster-mysterycreature130228_400_18ithlp-18ithlv-jpg

It's the mystery beast of South Wales and it has washed up on a beach on the Pembrokeshire coast.

The creature which appears to have the face of a horse, the body of a pig and the claws of a bear was spotted by local Peter Bailey as he walked his dog last week.

Mr Bailey took a picture and sent it to the local paper, the Western Telegraph.

He told the paper: “I was taking my dog for her evening walk across the south beach when she started acting out of character by howling and running round in circles.

“I ran up to her to see if she was ok and then I came across this hideous looking carcass. I could see it had little hair left on it's decomposing body.

“Immediately I thought it was a horse but it had claws like a bear and a body of a pig. Surprisingly it didn't smell.”

Pembrokeshire council told walesonline news website said the creature was probably a dog affected by an extended period in the water.

Spokesman Len Mullins said: “We did get a call on Friday evening to say a Jack Russell had been washed up on Tenby's South Beach but our staff couldn't find it.”

Dr Dan Foreman of Swansea University's College of Science told The Sun newspaper that "judging by its size and the fact it has five toes, it could be a badger".