Good morning, my scribe. Thank you for sitting this day. There is great desire coming forth from many for understanding of who they are and why they have chosen this path at this time. I am Esu Immanuel "Jesus" Sananda come in the Radiant Golden-White Light of Creator Source.

It has all been written prior and you ones would be wise to review you past lessons (our discourses on these various subjects). There are many new readers and participants awakening at this time and many who simply need a gentle reminder of these lessons.

Let us begin with WHO you are. You, the non-physical YOU, are an infinite thought projection of the One who created you (GOD). You are the product of His desire. You are, in effect, Desire manifest in uniqueness of purpose.

In the creating of YOU, you were given, in balance, all that you need in perfect proportions so that you could fulfill the purpose of your being. This is to say that you were each given part of Creator's Light Essence in perfect proportions that will allow for your own uniqueness to manifest. No two were given the exact same proportions of the various aspects of Creator's Infinite Spectral Range.

This in NOT to say some are better than others. It is simply stating that all are unique in purpose and yet come from One Source.

God is infinite creativity. You are each a product of His creativity manifest in the form of Light Essence. Please keep in mind that we are still referring to the INFINITE you, NOT the physical body that many erroneously perceive as being the entity of themselves. You each are electromagnetic (LIGHT) thought projections of Creator and you carry HIS "genetic" signature within your being. This is to say that you are created in His image--LIGHT! YOU ARE GOD MANIFEST!

You carry within you ALL of the infinite creative potential of the One who created you. This leads us to the subject of WHY are you there.

You each wish to explore the various aspects of your being and test your own uniqueness in your own major way. One major aspect of Creator's desires is to expand and grow. You are part of His desire to do so, and when you grow individually, He is growing alongside of you.

As a "genetic" subset of the One Whole, you must first come into understanding of the impact of that which you are capable of manifesting. You have INFINITE potential within. Potential is the same for each--infinite!

Each individual is at a different level of understanding of HOW to responsibly direct and control this infinite potential. There have been structured various schoolrooms so that ones can come into detailed understanding of the various aspects of harnessing and controlling this infinite creative potential.

The physical (third dimension) is but one, small, yet important, classroom or laboratory in which to explore. You will find yourselves surrounded by one facing similar challenges upon any one level of experiencing.

Each is efforting to understand, and thus unlock, the doors of the mind that will lead to ever greater and greater understanding and ability to utilize this INFINITE potential. Each will do so in a unique manner and approach according to who they are and the purposes that God has projected forth into their being. No two will have the exact same path in reaching the answers that unlock this potential, and in the searching comes the creativity of experience.

Now I wish to speak about a certain subset of all those experiencing here of Earth-Shan at this time of the Great Transition. And here I mean those who we of the Hosts refer to as Ground Crew.

Most of you who are Ground Crew have chosen to come into the physical to explore during a time of great shift in planetary awareness. This shift will present unique opportunities for you each to experience in conditions most favorable to forward growth and realizations that will help you to unlock doors that were closed and bolted by YOU, out of fear and/or overwhelm, long ago.

This does not mean that you will somehow grow and expand by default. It simply means that the opportunity is there and that you have all the tools that you will need to RECOGNIZE and OVERCOME your current limitations.

Many of you have left behind talents and abilities so that you would have a "real" challenge, and so that you would not be easily distracted by the attention that your talents would bring. This is to say that many of you are experiencing without the benefit of your whole self so that you will "fit it" and so that you would be more focused on your personal growth in very specific areas.

If that were not enough, you have also chosen to take on the responsibility of assisting your younger brothers through a turbulent time, as they are, for the most part, resistant to change. You are, in effect, part of the team that is fulfilling God's promise to send forth His Hosts and to spread the Word to any and all who will hear and hopefully listen.

Many of our Ground Crew are under severe attack at this time. Many are dropping out and not keeping up with the messages that will educate them about how to survive the upcoming Planetary Transition. Many are going through a cleansing period that will cause them to confront the very demons that caused them to stumble in the past. These are indeed trying, yet quite valuable, opportunities to grow past the fears and move forward into understanding and knowing.

Be thankful for ALL of your challenges, for even the smallest of annoyances will provide you with insights about the self-imposed limitations that you have placed upon yourselves. Take time to look at and analyze ever these smallest of annoyances, for when you truly understand what is causing the annoyance within you, you will no longer manifest the need for the annoyance. This is not to say that ALL annoyances or challenges will be gone. It is to say that great value and insights can be gleaned from understanding even the smallest of bothers.

You shall be finding that the challenges you experience from here on out will continue to grow, and you will have to keep up with the ever intensifying pressures of survival--both mentally and physically. If you find yourself in an overwhelmed state, then I, Sananda, suggest that you call upon The Light for balance and guidance.

For some of you, the challenge of focusing a thought is quite difficult, and many feel as though they are simply not connected with the Inner Light Source.

I will here offer a suggestion that will help you to focus upon The Light. This is NOT in any way a necessary thing to do, but it can be quite helpful:

Light a white candle, white because it symbolizes purity. The flame represents energy and it produces a natural white light--and it will dance around with a life of its own.

See the flame and know that, with each flicker, the darkness is expelled from your space. Know that all you have to do is look at the light from the candle, and it will reaffirm your Light shielding and support your mental intention that the darkness be gone from your space. This is but a helpful suggestion to any who feel that they are having difficulty clearing, or keeping cleared, their space.

Allow for the challenges of this life's experiences to present themselves to you. Know that you need each in order to fulfill your goals and manifest the true joy that comes from inner personal growth.

Remember, please: YOU are the Light Workers who are manifesting God's promise to the world--even if "all" you do at the present moment is quietly read that which is offered.

There shall come a time in this life's experiences when you will be inspired to offer that which will quell the confusion of your neighbors when their world and reality are being shattered.

Right now, persistence and patience are the keys to success, because "sequences of events" (not the ticking of a clock) dictate progression and unfoldment of this Planetary Transition event. For many, that which is about to manifest in your physical experience will indeed SEEM to come upon them "as a thief in the night", for these ones continue to sleep in their state of ignorance and illusion.

I am Esu Immanuel Sananda, One with Creator Source, come as promised. In Light and in Love, blessings to you all. Salu!