1. R

    Lord Ahmed suspended for blaming Jewish Lobby

    British opposition Labour Party has suspended its Muslim peer, Pakistani-born Lord Nazir Ahmed on the charges that he named Jewish group for conspiring behind the imprisonment he received in 2007 over a fatal motorway crash. Lord Nazir Ahmed, in a recent interview with a Pakistan TV channel...
  2. R

    Agatha Christie: ‘The Jew hating British novelist’

    The pro-Israel British Zionist groups say that Britain’s best-selling novelist of all times, Agatha Christie (died 1976) – like famous English poet William Shakespeare (died 1616) portrayed Jews in negative sense; something reserves for Muslims and Blacks in the West. I have read both...
  3. funbunz29

    [FYI] This Day In History January 12

    This Day In History January 12 12th day of 2011 - 353 remaining Wednesday, January 12, 2011 AMOS ’N’ ANDY DAY Sam ’n’ Henry debuted on WGN Radio in Chicago, Illinois. It was 1926. The show’s name was soon changed to Amos ’n’ Andy and the voices of its creators, Freeman Gosden and Charles...
  4. Unhypnotized

    Gigantic crater in Guatemala video, after hurricane Agatha, first of June 2010

    A strange phenomena occurred in the middle of a city: a perfectly round deep crater appeared after hurricane Agatha.

    Ocean / Emotion

    2. I could tell you how for a long time I thought my memory was paralyzed: twenty years passed outside France and what have I left of it? - Take a good look, said my father, take a good look, we're going through the Suez Canal! I was seven years old, we were standing on the bridge of...