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  1. Truth Vibrations

    David icke & alex jones - sociopathic & psychopathic police

    "It is the same story over and over, police violence, unrestrained power, and the beating of people with impunity. Actually, I hope that the police perpetuate this violence at a much faster, widespread rate so; this all gets sorted out sooner than later. When the tipping point occurs and it...
  2. 100th Monkey

    Alex Jones gets emotional on air

    Alex breaks down on his show Dec 24th 2011.
  3. 100th Monkey

    NDAA S.1867 Secret Torture Provisions and Anonymous

    On Alex Jones today some breaking news happened. NDAA or S. 1867 includes a secret torture provision. Here is the clip: Here is the video refered to by the caller. This is a response from anonymous
  4. White Rabbit

    Alex Jones: Total control grid designed to predict the future

    "In the fading economy, the spying sector has been gaining billions of dollars in profits. Wikileaks are now exposing on how iPhone, Blackberry and Google Android platforms are spying on their customers. The new project called Spy Files is revealing how private surveillance companies are selling...
  5. Denise

    Alex on C2c talking about National Defense Aurthorization Act

    In the first half hour, Alex Jones talked about the National Defense Authorization Act, a piece of legislation that recently passed both houses of Congress and may have dire effects on civil liberties. He warned that, if the act is implemented, "it is truly an end of our Republic" and cited an...
  6. R

    Russia Arms Syria With Missiles To Defend Against NATO Attack

    Russia Arms Syria With Missiles To Defend Against NATO Attack Warns it will not tolerate western powers crossing a “red line” Paul Joseph Watson Thursday, November 24, 2011 We now know what those six Russian warships that reportedly entered Syrian territorial waters last week...
  7. 100th Monkey

    Alex Jones Interviews Dr. Nick Begich on HAARP, Chemtrails and Mind Control

    An interview intended for an upcoming film about HAARP, Chemtrails and Magnetics. There are 5 Parts:
  8. White Rabbit

    Obama VS Alex Jones Round one Ding Ding Ding

    Obama and the White House are trying to link the lone wolf terrorist, Carmen Sosa caught in New York to Infowars in an attempt to demonize the media outlet.
  9. Boiling Frog

    If you ever had a doubt about Chem-trails or Geo-engineering

    Here it is all the Government Documents exposed. Aaron Dykes and Alex Jones, Break it down.
  10. Denise

    David Icke on Alex Jones Again 11/11/11

    Here is the Interview there are 5 parts.
  11. Truth Vibrations

    Alex Jones on Coast to Coast - Wednesday, November 9, 2011

    Wednesday, November 9, 2011 Alternative media activist Alex Jones shared his personal history, and how he became consumed with exposing the forces controlling world events, and working to preserve personal freedoms. Growing up in Texas, he witnessed corruption (by members of the police...
  12. Denise

    Ventura Decries "Fascist" America After Judge Tosses TSA Case

    "Former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura said he would now refer to the country of his birth as the "Fascist States of America" after a judge dismissed his case challenging airport pat downs, adding that his only recourse now would be to run for President. "Ventura made his comments outside the...
  13. Truth Vibrations

    David Ike on Alex Jones 11/3/2011

  14. Truth Vibrations

    Secrets of the Ancient World: George Noory & Alex Jones

    This is part of Alex Jones's 24hour moneybomb broadcast, other guests are David Icke, Fritz Springmeier, Webster Tarpley, Joel Skousen and many more.
  15. Truth Vibrations

    Bloodlines of The Illuminati with Author Fritz Springmeier

    Alex Jones interviews the Author Fritz Springmeier. On his book the Bloodlines of the Illuminati
  16. 100th Monkey

    Alex Jones - Subliminal Messaging on the Major networks in USA

    Alex Jones talking about Subliminal Messages and what they're doing to your head.
  17. Truth Vibrations

    Love VS. Fear Alex Jones

    Thanks Alex Jones great video :)
  18. Boiling Frog

    George Noory interviewed by Alex Jones

    Coast to Coast's George Noory talks about the dead with Alex Jones. Fascinating
  19. Boiling Frog

    Alex Jones goes after FOX News

    What a excellent video clip concerning the MSM. I've got to say that I really do appreciate him and just how he's awakening the public.
  20. Denise

    Roseanne Barr on Alex Jones: Roseanne Runs For President of the United States

    Roseanne wants to be the new American president dictator and use guillotine to behead the criminal bankers. They discuss Monsanto, chemtails, 911, bankers reeducation or beheading.