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  • Hey bro thanks for the kind words, means alot. I haven't stopped by in forever because I'm living in Vancouver going to school for Audio Engineering. Next time I'm in town I will stop by for sure, lookin forward to it, cheers!
    hey this is a pretty cool site , earlier before i signed up i saw a place were you could put your experance, to some guy how collects all this data . and i have had a near death experance when i was 4 and for shure know what i experanced was for real .i would like to tell him my story so he can ad to the collection. and see if others had the same kind of thing. if u could help me out with a link to this guy i would really appreciate. thany you
    spring must be beautiful in BC .. Im doing all my spring cleaning lol!!

    I remember you said your wife was Japanese so here are some cherry blossoms to celebrate spring! l
    ok ...here is the sub category name to change -
    spiritual deception

    please change it to
    Preventing Spiritual Deception: Discernment, Awareness, Discipline and Protection

    thank you R
    hey there can you change the title of one of my sub categories? Thanks my friend
    hey... just read your article on swine flu vaccinations = Great Find my friend!!!!!
    what makes this movie your favorite?

    I like to many to have just one favorite lol. I like doris day movies and Dances with Wolves, hmmmmm Hawaii, Jeremiah, Ben Hur, Smoke Signals

    favorite food...moose stew and fry bread!!! ; )))
    oh well, great articles btw and belated happy 2010!

    whats your favorite movie?
    Hi Ricklbert... I notice that many of your posts are from dutch news sources... I was wondering if you can speak dutch?

    have a great 2010!
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