1. New UFO Hunter

    Billy Meiers full name is an anagram for 'Bearded Time Traveller'. Terrific documentary on 'Billy' Eduard Albert Meier. I started to pay his story a bit more attention recently when I learned of the disinformation efforts paid to his story by the usual alphabet agencies of the Anglo American...
  2. Unhypnotized

    Edward Leedskalnin, Interesting Anagrams

    A Landed Elder Winks = Edward Leedskalnin A Local Crest = Coral Castle Ever In Us/Us Never I = Universe Eons I Scan = Ascension Decades Smarten/A Cadets Menders/Sacrament Deeds = Ascended Master Spirit of Light = Topflight Sir :lol3: Parading My Piety = Egyptian Pyramid so i talk alien =...

    Days of Penitence and Awe

    In temple I prayed and chanted Holy! Holy! Holy! And was scared. Father forgive me. For what? For things done, not done. The time I wasted. For "scared," read "sacred," its anagram. I am, said the Lord. The terror! The terror! Isaac knew it. But do we? Faithless friends exit the scene after...
  4. R

    Some different info

    Coloring our perception: blue for creativity, red for safety Different colors can affect our performance at different tasks, according to new research published in Science. The color red improves risk avoidance—does this mean it's time to paint the inside of nuclear power stations bright...