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    The Forbidden Book - the Bible

    :coffee: Most do not realize the full history of the bible - those that gave their life so that everyone could read the Bible. it was punishable by death at one time to own a Bible - a order given by the Catholic church- and most often those accused of this offense were burned at the stake...

    Günter Eich Apocrypha

    Günter Eich Apocrypha A pretty girl asks for my autograph, delighted! Except it's her cigarette she wants signed, then lighted. Think about it. I do. And am for a moment the happiest man that I have ever known— I have seen my end and it is someone else's body, breath and lovely inspiration.

    Two Poems #2

    Hawthorne on His Way Home Walking through the village of Danvers, late one afternoon in the fall of 1836, Nathaniel Hawthorne saw an old man carrying two dry, rustling bundles of cornstalks, and he thought: A good personification of Autumn. Another man was hoeing up potatoes. What did he...