1. New UFO Hunter

    Best UFO Sighting for April 2013

  2. 100th Monkey

    Black star alignment April 2nd 2013

    This had been shared with me today: Has anybody else aware of this?
  3. White Rabbit

    Anonymous Promises to Take Down The Internet on 1 April. Problem-Reaction-Solution?

    Kurt Nimmo Infowars.com March 22, 2012 They’re back. The FBI’s Lulzsec promises hijinks on April Fool’s Day. On Saturday, the supposed hacktivist group infiltrated – and we can presume created – by the U.S. government released a YouTube video promising more mayhem. “Lulzsec will start...
  4. Unhypnotized

    EVE Cruciform, April 13, 2011

    SDO will perform the EVE cruciform maneuver tomorrow, April 13, 2011. Between 14:15 and 23:05 ET (4/13/2011, 18:15 UT and 4/14/2011, 03:05 UT) the satellite will trace out a plus sign with the Sun at the center. The satellite will pitch first and then yaw by 150 arcmin in each direction. More...
  5. Unhypnotized

    TSA gives invasive pat down to 6-year-old girl

    David Edwards Raw Story April 11, 2011 A video appeared on the Internet Saturday of a female TSA agent allegedly giving an invasive pat down to a 6-year-old girl. Watch this video from Natalie Oturovich, uploaded to YouTube April 9, 2011. Source...


    The optimists among us taking heart because it is spring skip along attending their meetings signing their e-mail petitions marching with their satiric signs singing their we shall overcome songs posting their pungent twitters and blogs believing in a better world for no good reason I envy them...
  7. Unhypnotized

    hidden numbers in new TV SHOW???

    New show called FLASHFORWARD.... Worlds population loses 2 minutes and 17 seconds of consciousness, they have visions during this time and call them their Flashforward's, they all had visions in the future on the same day, April 29th.... I happened to notice: 2 minutes 17 seconds= 137...

    Chemtrails are real! Comox Valley Canada April 7th 2009

    Chemtrails are real! Comox Valley Canada April 7th 2009
  9. R

    Earth Day - April 22

    Earth Day - April 22 Saturday, April 18, 2009 On Wednesday, April 22 is the global Earth Day, Earth Day. A day of awareness about the beauty of our earth. National Geographic Channel also wants its mission highlight "Inspiring People To Care About The Planet". The whole day is devoted to...