1. Dax214

    Always An ET Boy

    This post is dedicated to anyone who has experienced anything similar and who has been afraid to talk about their experiences. It is never easy to talk about such a controversial topic and in many cases you will be told you're crazy or it's all in your mind. Tonight I talk about some of my...
  2. 2

    [Must Read!] Asteroid to come close 13th/14th Sept 2012

    Well two weeks ago FX had 2012 and then Armageddon. I always wonder, if these networks are trying to tell us something. These two movies are certainly the most played this year, I think. Don't quote me. I do know that NASA awhile back stated they would not even if they knew tell us of a mass...
  3. 100th Monkey

    4,700 asteroids orbit close enough to Earth to warrent more fear porn

    NASA says that roughly 4,700 asteroids orbit close enough to Earth for us to be concerned for our safety — at least a little. Just when we thought we had escaped Armageddon, this: NASA announced late Wednesday that approximately 4,700 potentially hazardous asteroids (PHAs) are currently...
  4. Denise

    Bold Plans to Mine Asteroids - US firm 'to mine asteroids'

    What do movie producers possibly have to gain from helping space agencies mine asteroids... possibly a bluebeam cover Heralding a new frontier of space exploitation, Planetary Resources announced plans to send a swarm of robot miners into space to prospect resource-rich chunks of rock not far...
  5. Denise

    Do intelligent dinosaurs really rule alien worlds?

    This immediately makes me think of David Icke: It sounds like the ultimate science fiction storyline: What if the dinosaurs weren't wiped out by an asteroid impact 65 million years ago? Perhaps they'd still be alive today, in an advanced evolutionary state, developing their space program...
  6. Truth Vibrations

    The best explanation on reptilians David Icke on The Alex Jones Show

    Welcome to our new lizard overlords: New study suggests alien worlds could be full of super-intelligent dinosaurs 'Nasa's Kepler telescope scans the skies for 'habitable worlds' - but an American chemist has suggested the whole project might be a terrible idea. Ronald Breslow suggests that...
  7. New UFO Hunter

    UFO That Looks Like Asteroid Over Christchurch, New Zealand, Jan 19, 2012 VIDEO

    Date of sighting: January 19, 2012 Location of sighting: Prebbleton, Christchurch, New Zealand The eyewitness said he filmed this starting at 11 pm. This is freaking amazing. This object resembles an asteroid or small moon similar to the moon Phobos. The object is clearly rotating as you can...
  8. Denise

    Will the world end in 2012?" Prof Jocelyn Bell Burnell - Science Week

    ScienceWeek on 2012: As part of the Science Week lecture series, astronomer Jocelyn Bell Burnell examines the threats from space and explains how much truth there is in the suggestions that killer asteroids, lethal solar flares or the black hole at the centre of the Milky Way (for example)...
  9. Denise

    Planet Sized Object Spotted Near Mercury

    "UFO hunters claim to have spotted a planet sized alien spacecraft hovering next to Mercury. The mysterious object appears in a video of a massive burst of energy, known as a coronal mass ejection, coming from the sun. Analysis of the video shows an object which only becomes visible after the...
  10. New UFO Hunter

    UFO Appears to Shoot Down Incoming Asteroid

    Confusing at what we are seeing, but still interesting video clip.
  11. New UFO Hunter

    "Puzziling structures" found on YU55

    NASA has announced that it has found "Puzzling structures" on YU55 "a number of puzzling structures on the surface that we don't yet understand. To date, we've seen less than one half of the surface, so we expect more surprises." From...
  12. Denise

    SaLuSa ~ Bringing Joy and Happiness to Your Heart ~ November 7, 2011

    With matters moving very quickly, you need little in the way of information as to the outcome. It is becoming quite clear that the European crisis is far from solved, and the debt amongst that union is so big it can bring them down. Meanwhile the people are becoming more active than any previous...
  13. New UFO Hunter

    Fake Mars mission to open hatch on 520 days isolation

    By Alissa de Carbonnel Posted 2011/11/03 at 7:48 am EDT MOSCOW, Nov. 3, 2011 (Reuters) — The crew of an isolation experiment to simulate a 520-day mission to Mars are in the final countdown before the opening on Friday of the hatch on the windowless cells in which they have been locked away...
  14. Truth Vibrations

    Planet X, Consciousness, & Comet Elenin, Coast to Coast Radio

  15. Denise

    Metatron Address to the United Nations

    The Nation of Humanity Archangel Metatron Channel via James Tyberonn Greetings ! I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I embrace you with love, unconditional love. And so this wonderful day we gather at the...
  16. New UFO Hunter

    UFO destroyed an asteroid in 2002 to save us

    :Uploader says On January 11, 2002, a meteorite was heading directly toward Earth, but a UFO destroyed it before impact. The fact was hidden by NASA not to create panic among the population. However, years later, the video was leaked via e-mails, and then reach the video site YouTube. The...
  17. New UFO Hunter

    Kasputin Yar - Russia's Roswell

    PART ONE: PART TWO: This list can be found on almost every russian website dedicated to aliens and UFOs. So' I'll post some of the most interesting cases (and the ones that have some proofs to them) and then write where all these remains might be stored. Remember this information can...
  18. Denise

    2012 Event Horizon: (3) Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, by David Wilcock

    David Wilcock) In this heavily-anticipated sequel to 2012 Enigma, (#1 Most Viewed on Google, 12/1/08), David Wilcock presents a compelling case that the prophecies of a Golden Age are not myth or superstition. Our DNA has been evolving 100 times more rapidly in the last 5000 years due to a...
  19. New UFO Hunter

    Extraterrestrials: Next Enemy Says Former NASA Scientist

    Dr. Carol Rosin a former NASA scientist turned Disclosure Project witness shares very important information with us. Keep in mind this was back in 2001 before 9/11 back when it was only Oklahoma city and the '93 WTC bombing and they realized they were going to need something bigger... Dr...
  20. Unhypnotized

    Bad News from NASA: Proof That Comet Elenin Is Affecting Earth

    Source This is going to be the most extraordinary communication so fasten your seatbelts; we are in for a rough ride. I have known in my heart for months that I would have to make a communication like this but had no idea it would be this...