1. Truth Vibrations

    8 Toxins Hiding In Your Vaccines - Why Take Chances with Your Health?

    I hope you don't want to get any future vaccines after reading this list: Source: 8 toxins hiding in vaccines
  2. D

    Vaccinations Cause Neuropathologies In Children

    Jerome County, Idaho — Investigators believe vaccinations cause of a range of neuropathological diseases in children, ranging from autism to psychopathy. Sources set up independent investigations into the effects vaccinations have on the brain, finding evidence suggest colitis and autism...
  3. Truth Vibrations

    Don't Delta Me, Dude! Dr. Rima TRUTH About Autism

    Dr. Rima discusses Christine England's hypothesis that the intent behind the autism pandemic is the creation of easily controlled Brave New World "delta" worker drones.
  4. Denise

    Courts Rule MMR & Thimerosal Containing Vaccines Caused Autism & Brain Damage - US government awarding damages for vaccine damage

    July 7, 2013 by Joe Martino All information containing new and unprecedented conclusions begins by being violently opposed by those who create the prior information and those who subscribe heavily to it. This is very much the case with the link between Autism Spectrum Disorder and vaccines...
  5. Denise

    Boy Recovers From Autism By Removing Dairy & Gluten. Strong Evidence Links Vaccines to Autism

    I wonder does the MMR make the children sensitive to gluten and dairy? Source
  6. Denise

    Vaccination linked to autism (again) in new study

    Vaccine bombshell: Baby monkeys given standard doses of popular vaccines develop autism symptoms If vaccines play absolutely no role in the development of childhood autism, a claim made by many medical authorities today, then why are some of the most popular vaccines commonly administered to...
  7. Denise

    Possible Link Between ELF waves and Autism

    Another theory on the possible cause of autism detailed here in this video.
  8. Denise

    Donald Trump Connects Autism to Vaccinations on Fox News

    Wow Donald Trump good for you! People are waking up! Trump warns Fox News viewers: Autism caused by vaccines: “I’ve gotten to be pretty familiar with the subject,” Trump said. “You know, I have a theory — and it’s a theory that some people believe in — and that’s the vaccinations. We never...
  9. Denise

    Mercury, Autism And The Global Vaccine Agenda

    "David Ayoub, M.D. goes through the relations of Mercury to Autism as well its connections to "National Security Study Memorandum 200"; for population control. Showing its shocking connections to today's G.A.V.I. Are powerful forces really trying to help the poor people or could it be for...
  10. Denise

    Autistic Girl uplifting video

    Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence
  11. Denise

    Carly Fleischmann - Carly's Voice, Changing the world of autism

    Carly Fleischmann is just amazing girl. Her blog is here:
  12. Denise

    Lethal Injection: The Story Of Vaccination

    The definitive look into the history of vaccination. From cancer, to autism, to the purposeful sterilization of innocent people around the globe, find out why all of these things are perfectly legal according to U.S. CODE - why the government considers you no different than cattle in their own law.
  13. CASPER

    Gene sequencers face govt budget squeeze

    Companies that make the gene-sequencing devices used in scientific research face a tough few years as potential cuts to the U.S. federal budget squeeze funding to its main academic and research customers. As the high cost of sequencing deters commercial use, the $1.5 billion market for...
  14. Denise

    Vaccines Are Dangerous -- The Government Says So!

    'Finally! The mainstream admits that vaccines are dangerous and cause certain side effects, sometimes serious ones! AP writer Lauran Neergaard did not have the nerve to put in print that the rare but really serious side effects include death but we can rest assured and trust (not...
  15. Denise

    The woman who thinks like a cow

    This is really interesting i hope you enjoy it! "The amazing story of Dr. Temple Grandin's ability to read the animal mind, which has made her the most famous autistic woman on the planet." - BBC
  16. Denise

    Human DNA in vaccines, possible cause of authism.

    An article in the Journal of Immunotoxicology is entitled "Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes--A review." The author is Helen Ratajczak, surprisingly herself a former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm. Ratajczak did what nobody else apparently has bothered to do: she reviewed the...
  17. Unhypnotized

    Use of SSRI Antidepressants During Pregnancy Linked to Higher Risk of Autism July 6, 2011 Via:*Time: In a study involving data on more than 1,800 children — fewer than 300 of whom had an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) — and their mothers, the scientists found that women who were prescribed drugs to treat depression in the year before giving birth were twice...
  18. Unhypnotized

    homeopathic MMS - latest newsletter on MMS

    the latest newsletter about jim humbles MMS deals with the question of homeopathic MMS. heres a copy. ---------------------------------------------------- MMS as a Homeopathic Remedy? We at the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing get quite a lot of questions each...
  19. Unhypnotized

    MMS cures AUTISM - jim humbles latest news - a must read.

    howdy everyone, I simply were given this most recent e-newsletter about MMS, as well as its excellent successes on kids with autism. Jim Humble’s MMS NEWSLETTER Autism update We have some more wonderful news about MMS & Autism! Here is a letter I received from Kerri working with children...
  20. Unhypnotized

    The Emergence of Vaccine Induced Diseases

    Marti Oakley, Activist Post April 12, 2011 On virtually every level, whether it is food, water, medications or the contamination of our environment across the board including the air we breathe, we, as human beings, are under attack.* The view of the worlds’ populations by corporate...