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    Martial Arts from around the world - Kalari Payattu, - India

    Kalari Payattu, Martial Arts - India
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    Newbie Corner!

    Hi All, New to this forum so firstly introducing myself, i am bert from U.S and found this forum quiet innovative, it is great to be a part of this community. Thanks!

    Cirrhosis of the Liver

    Frequent attacks of indigestion, occasional nausea and vomiting In the early stages of the disease, there may be nothing more than frequent attacks of indigestion, with occasional nausea and vomiting. Abdominal pain, low grade fever, foul breath There may also be some abdominal pain and loss of...

    Meditation in transformation

    "As a man wishes in his heart, so is he." We create our karma and ourselves through our intentions at a deep level. Motivation or will is the main mental action behind the creation of our beings, the deep-seated conditionings behind the mind and heart. While yoga cultivates the will for...

    Meditation and prayer

    People in the West are more familiar with prayer than meditation. Prayer is a general term and many types of it exist, but the term usually refers to an active form of meditation in which we project an intention—calling on God to help us or our loved ones in some way. Both ayurveda and yoga use...

    Meditation as a therapy

    Meditation has not only been used as an important therapy for psychological and nervous disorders, from simple insomnia to severe emotional disturbances, but lately physicians have also prescribed it for curing various physical ailments as well. It is useful in chronic and debilitating diseases...

    Mapping the mind, mind and body

    There`s more to meditation than just closing ones eyes and an understanding of this technique demands an understanding of our mental realm. The subtle state of mind, which is the ultimate stage of meditation, requires a tremendous amount of energy to reach. An absolute harmony between our gross...