"As a man wishes in his heart, so is he." We create our karma and ourselves through our intentions at a deep level. Motivation or will is the main mental action behind the creation of our beings, the deep-seated conditionings behind the mind and heart.

While yoga cultivates the will for self-realization, ayurveda cultivates the will of healing. A statement of intentions should precede whatever action one decides to undertake: "I intend to do the following action (in the following manner for a specific period of time) in order to produce the following result."

The path to self-transformation is like a plan or a strategy. No action is done without the seeking of some sort of result. This result depends upon the intention behind the action, not simply the superficiality of what we do. Higher or spiritual actions seek a result that is not ego-bound, like the development of consciousness and the alleviation of suffering for all beings. Lower actions reflect ego desires—to get what we want; to accomplish, achieve or gain for ourselves in some way or another. Spiritual motivations direct us within and help liberate the soul. Ego-based motivations direct us without and bind us further to the external world.

Self transformational motivation or will implies not only developing our own will but also allying our will with the forces that can help it achieve its aim. Therefore it involves a seeking of help, blessings or guidance. Such motivations are generally projected as various affirmations and vows during meditational practices.