1. Truth Vibrations

    Hobo Walking Across USA Could you do it?

    I found this today, could you do it? He is a video of him: Video descriptions: His blog is here:
  2. M

    Our Bodies, Ourselves, The Boston's Women Health Book Collective

    Mainly its for females, but do found its for males. Mean certain areas of it of course. Anyway, they do have a companion website and blog besides their books. As for me I have used it time and time again and to me its timeless resource. Even though they do updates of course.
  3. M

    Information on Women's Health & Sexuality - Our Bodies Ourselves

    Basically, this is the companion website to their book/s series on this. Have to say all of there book/s are useful reference tool. Not for just for women, but for men as well. By the way they also have a blog called Our Bodies, Our Blog as well.
  4. R

    Natural Healing blog

    Wonderful natural method's Natural Healing