1. Truth Vibrations

    ReThink911 Billboard Towers Over Times Square ( "Did you know a third building fell on 9/11?" )

    It this too late?
  2. Boiling Frog

    A Hong Kong perspective, up, not out!

    This give you a perspective on what it would be like to live in Hong Kong. I could not live like this, that one of the wonderful things about America, we have plenty of space. Photo: Michael Wolf
  3. Denise

    Sick Building Syndrome - Alexander Barry

    Get yourself a fountain in your home, natural negative ions. "Published on Jul 21, 2013 A sick building inhibits circulation and likely has too many right angles, we become uncovered by positive ions, hence our need to "Recover" and why many buildings can nowadays be seen to have running...
  4. Truth Vibrations

    The 'Death' of Controlled Demolition Expert Danny Jowenko after Speaking about 9/11 WTC Building 7

    Jan 29, 2013
  5. Truth Vibrations

    Empire State Building shooting: Two dead, 9 injured as fired designer goes postal

    These shootings seem like a weekly event. More:
  6. Denise

    Rudolph Giuliani Confronted on Building 7..!

    Rudy Giuliani Thinks Building 7 Is A Joke January 28, 2012 Bob Tuskin of The Bob Tuskin Radio Show confronts Rudy Giuliani over Building 7 and his possible role in 9/11.

    Building and Earthquake

    How easy it is for a dream to construct both building and earthquake. Also the nine flights of wooden stairs in the dark, and the trembling horse, its hard breathing loud in the sudden after-silence and starlight. This time the dream allows the building to stand. Something it takes the dreamer a...

    Stratus Building Solutions Ranked #1 Fastest Growing Franchise In Country

    ST. LOUIS, MO, January 19, 2011 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Stratus Building Solutions, the nation's premiere building services and maintenance franchise company, has been officially named the "Number 1 Fastest Growing Franchise" by Entrepreneur magazine in the annual Franchise 500, with three "Top...
  9. Truth Vibrations

    11 homeless after fire in Winnipeg

    A house fire in Winnipeg's north end has put a family of 11 out of their home. The blaze on Flora Avenue broke out around 12:15 p.m. CT Saturday. Everyone in the home was able to get out safely, but the building was almost destroyed by the fire. Jonathan Williams, 39, told CBC News he was...
  10. CASPER

    Fire in New Orleans warehouse kills 8 squatters

    WASHINGTON (AFP) – Eight people died Tuesday when fire swept through an abandoned building used by homeless people for shelter in New Orleans during an unusual cold snap, officials said. Firefighters found the tin warehouse fully engulfed by flames and partially collapsed when they arrived at 2...
  11. Unhypnotized

    30-storey building burns, does not collapse

    ABC News Nov 15, 2010 Fire has engulfed a Shanghai high-rise, killing at least eight people and sending billowing plumes of black smoke over the city, state media and officials said. The 30-storey building in the city’s Jingan district was under renovation when it caught fire about 2:00 pm...
  12. Unhypnotized

    The Ground Zero Mosque Will Be The Strangest Building In Manhattan

    Gus Lubin Business Insider Oct 2, 2010 After the all the religious controversy, no one will put up a big fight over architecture. But the Parks51 “Ground Zero Mosque” will be far and away the strangest and most modern building in Manhattan, according to designs posted at Curbed. The building...
  13. Unhypnotized

    Huge Building Burns in South Korea – Does Not Collapse

    Flashback: Fire Consumes WTC 7-Size Skyscraper, Building Does Not Collapse Oct 2, 2010 A massive fire broke out on Friday in a 38-floor apartment and office building in South Korea’s southern port city of Busan. No deaths were reported. The fire official could not say how many people...
  14. Unhypnotized

    Dan Winter: The Biofield For Architecture And Agriculture

    great talk from dan...can wait to get started building my dodecamid
  15. CASPER

    Building collapse in Pakistan's Karachi kills 21

    KARACHI, Pakistan – A five-story building collapsed in the southern Pakistani city of Karachi, killing at least 21 people, mostly women and children, authorities said Saturday. Local Mayor Mohammad Dilawar, who was supervising the rescue work, said the building caved in late Friday in the...