1. Denise

    Homemade cough syrup recipe

    - 1 cup water - 1/2 onion (medium size) - 1 tablespoon of honey Suggested additions to mix in modestly: - cayenne - thyme - ginger - turmeric - salt Heat water with onion to boiling point. Remove from heat Melt honey in mix and sprinkle in optional spices. You now have a homemade cough syrup!
  2. Rumas

    Deadlier Whooping Cough Epidemic Likely Caused by Vaccine

    'The CDC and NIH keep pushing the pertussis vaccine, in spite of info that it’s causing the new whooping cough epidemic that is 10 times more deadly than the old whooping cough. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) would prefer that you remain unaware...

    Whooping Cough Treatment

    You can use raisins to prepare a sauce that is said to help treat a whooping cough. Simply grind around 100 grams of raisin in regular drinking water, with around a 100 grams of sugar added in. Heat the mixture on medium heat, and preserve the thick liquid that is obtained. Just have a...

    Winter Trees Cough Like Old Men

    Winter Trees Cough Like Old Men Winter trees cough like old men about death's white nightmares while the rain talks in Latin. They cough about the sobbing tragic ash, they bind valises for leaving, they darken—and in the chill of frost from the sun, the lungs bristle to see coffins hidden in...