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  • So how have you been i have been without work for 7 months now and wee bought a 38 foot bus so we can live in it and rent our house to save money and squirrel cash away to buy another property witch i will build a cord stack house... and go off grid sorry i have not been on i have been preparing to squat on a friends 30 acre lot just three blocks from my house now fully treed and nice and quiet wood stove in the bus and we will have out basement to wash laundry and shower in......well till next time take care ricklbert...........

    I have not had the time to figure this out, my brian on overload! I did not want use my full name as username, and I tried to change it, did not work out! What if i unregister and do it again?

    Mai Zimbleman
    Another request from Day if i could change this i would but i do not know how.......ricklbert
    From Day
    ok is the sub category name to change -
    spiritual deception

    please change it to
    Preventing Spiritual Deception: Discernment, Awareness, Discipline and Protection

    thank you R
    I noticed that one of the members was asking for a section for debating and for travel.. what do you think? sounds interesting to me!
    the Feedbot posted a really cool article on the starnations thread!! lol... the story had a lot of synchronicity with events in my life lately lol!!

    what do you think about having an
    Ancient History section and a
    Biblical Archeology section?? Ill ask Lady of Light too - I have some articles that would be interesting to post --

    also what do you think of a section devoted to mathematics?
    there is such a universe and interesting life in mathematics - have some interesting ideas and articles to post
    belated happy 2010 the forum looks wonderful, I like the changes and it is running moresmoothly- looks like lots of new members too! YaY!!
    Rumas this site is starting to lag had problems posting was freezing ..thought u might of been working on the control panel..!!!!! hmmmmm...ok ur gone I see
    I am still not sure how to do this, just sat that i am posting a tread and in the thread i put: (" cnn had a report that was interesting ") and i would like the word report to be the link to the cnn website of this report how would i display this in the thread before completing the thread as well as parsing the link sorry for my lack of computer skills..up to four years ago i did not really know a lot about computers at all........ricklbert
    Not sure if you caught this post...doin alright i would say no worries about no title i usually add the title anyways.......

    Could you also tell me how to have a link that says more or read this instead of the direct link title thanks in advance......ricklbert
    Could you also tell me how to have a link that says more or read this instead of the direct link title thanks in advance......ricklbert
    Could you tell me why i cannot see the youtube frame in my post only the link is present.........

    It works fine for me on the fta site just not here as of late...
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