Discovery Rocks Creationists' Claim That Humans Lived with Dinosaurs

    Ancient images that creationists claim are evidence of humans living alongside dinosaurs are at best just smeared pictures, scientists find. At the site of Kachina Bridge in Utah — an immense sandstone formation resembling an arch more than 200 feet (60 meters) high and wide that was formed by...
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    Creationist Explanations

    This is something that has long puzzled me. How do creationists explain away the presence of fossils, and other clear evidence that dinosaurs once roamed the Earth?
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    What will Scientist response be when they learn the earth is hollow?

    Is it more difficult for some to accept fact.If tom morrow a team of Big Bang Scientist discovered the earth to be hollow how would this be perceived?....james the hollow earth manVolcanoes are cause by Hell enlarging itself. The center of the earth,s crust or the point of Gravitational...

    Scientists study foes' ways at Creation Museum

    PETERSBURG, Ky. – In a dimly lit corner of the Creation Museum stands a life-size replica of a wrecking ball labeled "Millions of Years" demolishing the facade of a brick church. For the more than six dozen paleontologists who visited the museum Wednesday, the ball might as well have read...