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Is it more difficult for some to accept fact.If tom morrow a team of Big Bang Scientist discovered the earth to be hollow how would this be perceived?....james the hollow earth manVolcanoes are cause by Hell enlarging itself. The center of the earth,s crust or the point of Gravitational Equillibrium may be about 1000 miles down. This top 1000 miles of mass,s gravity supports the 1000 miles below it causing a 4000 mile hollow in the center. As the volcanoes erupt the hollow increases in volume.The simplist approach to imagine the earth,s surface being made say of2000 mile diameter spheres. These would have a center of 1000 miles so with each placed in a circle to make the earth,s circumference fill in between with similar mass. This would leave a hollow and the 2000 mile thick crust would be supporting itself.


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ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They would be paralyzed with laughter when they heard such a ridiculous conjecture.


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Someone would have to explain what process could make the earth hollow, or show some evidence for it, before I would even consider such a ridiculous thing.


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Holly crack pipe Batman, the Earth is hollow! Interesting, but how does that gravity and magnetic field stuff work without a core... hmmm

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You do realize that we have mountains of data to show that not only is the Earth not hollow, but that we even have a pretty good idea of what it's made of, farther down that you might be able to dig with your shovel?

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I'm sure they'd laugh hysterically and maybe just maybe ask where your proof or evidence is...It's not "fact" if it hasn't been proven. Not only is there no evidence to promote the Hollow Earth Theory, there is a ton of data that contradicts it...Take your Bible and your crappy science elsewhere.
wow. You really got into "the land before time" didn't you? Are you worried the Morlocks will surface and abduct our children? or is it the mole men? I don't mean to be disrespectful, but as conspiracy/fringe science goes, even that one is a stretch. You do realize that the magnetic field that protects the planet's atmosphere is due to the stuff in the core don't you? Not to mention that gravity kind of depends on mass.

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What exactly does the Big Bang have to do with the hollow Earth idea?If it is someday proved that the Earth is hollow, scientists will be very surprised indeed, since a hollow Earth would violate a number of known laws of physics. A lot of engineers will be surprised too, since a hollow sphere that size can't be supported by normal materials--it'll be crushed by the force of its own gravity.While we're on the subject, got any evidence for a hollow Earth? I've never seen any, and scientists won't be convinced without some serious evidence.
Some facts are easy to accept. Some are not so easy. And some 'facts' are impossible to accept because there is no evidence for them, and mountains (literally!) of evidence against them.Yours falls into this third category.


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James,Its clear from your other posts that you are a religious person who is having a hard time reconciling science and religion, and like a lot of similar people your response is to ridicule science, and cling blindly to the bible to explain all things. So to help you reconcile the two here is a very brief and very simple history of the relationship between science and religion. Before science, religion's job was to help people understand both the physical world outside themselves, and their own inner mental and spiritual, moral and emotional world. Science has largely taken over explaining the outside world, but not the inner spiritual world as that is up to each individual human being. The best way for a religious person to reconcile this development is to understand that science brings us to a closer and truer understanding of how God manifests himself in the physical world than magic, superstition or religious dogma ever did. The work of understanding your inner world is up to you, in your case, as guided by the teachings of Christ, and as for that work, you have been slacking off and letting Jesus carry the whole load. Think about what new things you need to learn so you can pick up your share of the load.