1. Truth Vibrations

    NutriMedical Report - Dr Deagle - CME from Deep space (10-11-2013 Hour 3)

    Not all CME are from our Sun...
  2. 2

    [Must See!] Black and white photos of ocean still awesome

    Saw this one and thought I would share, even though they're not color these pictures are still worth looking at. I probably would've used color, but these are still pretty cool. The deep blue sea in black and white: Photographs from beneath the waves capture the stark beauty of the ocean |...
  3. artfuldodger


    Just jumped in. Is this the deep end of the pool?


    Is this the pupil-dark vanishing point you see each time I drive away from home? Feel the deep earth updraft like a chill running down. The plummet, should you fall inside, like that sudden sinking feeling when your momma didn't hear her doorbell or phone ringing off the hook and you broke in to...

    Floods rage in southern Australia

    HORSHAM, Australia (AFP) – Floodwaters feared to have claimed the life of a young boy cut the southern Australian town of Horsham in two Tuesday as Canberra urged big business to dig deep for the disaster's victims. Prime Minister Julia Gillard turned to corporate Australia for help in what is...

    Three Poems after Montale

    i. Mistletoe, a city of snapshots taped to plaster, blue bottles and a fire's fitful sparks the only glimmers of warmth in your new lodgings. For you, this season without wreaths, I would manhandle a city, conjure a drizzle, then soften it to snow, paint lampposts deep reds and greens and so...
  7. R

    17,650 new species found in deep sea

    17,650 new species found in deep sea Monday, November 23, 2009 WASHINGTON - Researchers have identified more than 17,650 new species discovered in the deep sea. That was the Census of Marine Life, an international research project that lasts ten years and completed in October next year...