demilitarized zone

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    [Must Read!] Wahingington Times: Inside the Ring: North Korean EMP

    While we were being distracted by Weather, The Elections, etc. for the most part their hasn't been alot of mention of North Korea, except, the fact that Kim Jong Un is perhaps loosening the grip his father had on the North Korean people. Out of the blue comes this story in the Washington...

    Leaks: China knows less about NKorea than thought

    BEIJING – China knows less about and has less influence over its close ally North Korea than is usually presumed and is likely to eventually accept a reunified peninsula under South Korean rule, according to U.S. diplomatic files leaked to the WikiLeaks website. The memos — called cables...
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    Samsung Techwins latest: a killing robot

    March 11th, 2009 in Breaking News Samsung Techwins latest: a killing robot VIDEO: Samsung Techwin’s latest: a killing robot. CCTV security systems UK - Samsung Techwin's latest: a killing robot The SGR-1 Security Guard Robot from Samsung Techwin uses state of the art surveillance technology...