1. D

    Controlled Demolition Evidence Mounts Up

    Buffalo, New York — Many conspiracy theorists who believe the World Trade Centers were purposefully detonated may face soaring vindication within the upcoming decades, as stacked evidence mounts up in favor of Building 7’s controlled demolition operation...
  2. Truth Vibrations

    Man rescued after falling during Landmark Theatre roof demolition

    Photo Detail - NewsChannel 9 WSYR Syracuse - One person was rescued after falling while working on a demolition of the Landmark Theatre's roof Monday afternoon. A safety harness saved him from falling six stories, but left him dangling. The rescued man was working on a scheduled and...
  3. Lady of Light


    How about 9/11 for an eye opener. It was obviously set up by the U.S. government or someone. There is so much proof out there. Don't you think it was strange that the buildings collapsed as if it was a controlled demolition? And what about building 7? Why did it light on fire and fall in the...