Man rescued after falling during Landmark Theatre roof demolition

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Photo Detail - NewsChannel 9 WSYR

Syracuse - One person was rescued after falling while working on a demolition of the Landmark Theatre's roof Monday afternoon. A safety harness saved him from falling six stories, but left him dangling.

The rescued man was working on a scheduled and controlled demolition of the Landmark's roof before a concrete block shifted, causing his fall from the beam he was standing on. His safety harness broke his fall about eight feet down, and while he was dangling another worker connected him with a second safety line. He was hanging on the back side of the theater, facing Clinton Street.

The fire department arrived and utilized two "cherry pickers" to reach the roof and bring the man to safety.

"If he didn't have his fall protection on, he would have fallen all the way down," said Fire Chief Mark McLees. "OSHA only allows you to fall so far before that fall protection is supposed to grab, so it worked as designed."

Streets in the area were closed temporarily, but have since reopened.

The Landmark is currently closed as it undergoes re-construction. Part of the $16 million project includes making the building taller. As a designated historic site, the theater can't simply be demolished and rebuilt. Instead, the existing roof must be taken apart in such a way that keeps the exterior intact.

"A lot of it really is demolition, its just the nature of it, which is why there were safety harnesses. Which is why it was a little different to begin with, and every precaution was taken beforehand which is why we do, thank god, have such a happy ending," said Landmark Theater Executive Director Denise DiRienzo.