1. B

    Testimony of a former devil worshiper Nonkoliso Ngeleka

    Dear friends, we are pleased to share with you this testimony of a former devil worshiper. It’s the testimony of a young South African woman who has spent nearly a dozen years serving satan, and has climbed up the hierarchy during that time. It is a testimony that, compared to the testimonies...
  2. New UFO Hunter

    John Lennon's Killer Controlled By Dark Aliens

    Source1: Dark Aliens Controlled John Lennon's Killer Mark Chapman | <b><i><a href="">Educating Humanity</a></i></b> Source2: John Lennon | John Lennon's killer controlled by 'dark' aliens |
  3. 100th Monkey

    Obama is An Antichrist - In History Channel's hit series 'The Bible Satan resembles Obama

    March 24, 2013 Alex Jones breaks down why the devil in History Channel’s hit series ‘The Bible’ looks exactly like President Obama.
  4. Truth Vibrations

    "If I were the Devil" - predicted 47 years ago. April 3, 1965

    This is from 47 years back, Apr 3, 1965. An incredible prediction! Remember this well known ABC radio commentator Paul Harvey? Millions of People followed his programs, that had been transmit from more than Twelve hundred stations across the country. If you listen to this, keep in mind that...


    This guy was so mean and horrible that when he died the devil himself greeted him down in hell. Devil..."My friend!!! I have been waiting for you. You did so well on earth that IM GOING TO LET YOU CHOOSE YOUR ETERNAL PUNISHMENT" The Guy..." Okey dokey Mr. me what you got" So the...
  6. Unhypnotized

    Haitian Ambassador Has a Message for Pat Robertson Thursday, January 14, 2009 “So what pact the Haitian made with the devil has helped the United States become what it is.” Source...