Testimony of a former devil worshiper Nonkoliso Ngeleka

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Dear friends, we are pleased to share with you this testimony of a former devil worshiper. It’s the testimony of a young South African woman who has spent nearly a dozen years serving satan, and has climbed up the hierarchy during that time.

It is a testimony that, compared to the testimonies of other former servants of satan, is very simple, and clean. Clean in the sense that she has made an effort to recount her testimony without mixing it with the abominations that we are used to reading in the testimonies of former satanists.

This testimony is therefore simplified, quite short, but very rich. It is in two parts. It confirms the teaching on Spiritual Warfare that we put at your disposal a few years ago. We encourage you to read both parts, and take the warnings that the Lord gives us through it, very seriously. We also strongly advise you to reread in full our teaching on Spiritual Warfare.

May the Lord grant you the grace to get rid of all worldly things and to sanctify yourselves while waiting for the sound of the trumpet!

I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ. My name is Nonkoliso Ngeleka. I am from Nzimakwe, and I was a graduate in space for 12 years. I was born in 1988, I'm 22 years old. I worked in space from an early age; I climbed up the hierarchy as I went along. There are different ranks in space, there are devil worshipers in the churches that don't know that they represent the devil, and there are devil worshipers that are capable of separating from their physical bodies to the spirit realm, I was one of those that separate from their bodies.

I started experiencing dreams in my sleep fighting like in the movies and prevailing in those fights in an urban area. The third day this dream reoccurred, I heard a voice asking me whether I wanted to be this way. I said yes and he said let’s go. When we went, I separated with my body and a demon stayed with my body, and I went to work in space. When I arrived there, they gave me a code, and offered me blood, because you have to live on the blood of people to lose all human feelings, and behave like an animal.

There are numbers that represent each rank, the number three represents devil worshipers, six represents satanists, a satanist is someone who died a devil worshiper and is now living in the spiritual realm only, number nine represents satan king of demons, Lucifer who was kicked out of heaven because of pride.

I worked in space. At first we were sent to cause accidents on the roads, so that the demons in space can get blood to drink. There are chiefs that govern in each place, for example in Nzimakwe; they have their chief who is a satanist as I have already explained who is classified as a satanist. If he needs blood, we would have to cause an accident in that area. When we would cause that accident, we would come in the spirit and no one would see us, and we throw a ring in front of the driver and he loses concentration, and the car would drift off the road and people would die and the chief would get the blood. But we as new recruits didn't live off that blood. We were given that blood occasionally. Chiefs live in rivers mostly; they only go up to space when there are revivals and other church events.

Satan lives in the sea. We as juniors lived on the blood we suck on regular living people. We stand next to a person, maybe at the bus stop or somewhere and we start sucking it, especially if you have one of our products. The victim would feel tired and a little depressed and they may think that they are just having a bad day, but it is mostly because a devil worshiper is sucking their blood in the spirit realm, but the victim does not die.

But if you are a Christian, saved and living a holy life, we couldn't suck your blood, if we try to do so, the spirit of the Christian would intercede for him mostly by a hymn and I would burn.

Likewise if we cause an accident with a Christian as one of the passengers, we wouldn't be able to drink that blood of people that died there, because the blood of the Christian would damage the blood in that blood bank and if we were to drink that blood, we would be weak and unable to do our work. Satan and the chiefs could not drink it either.
If a person is holy, that person does not use our products, g-string panties, those are our products, it was my duty to pronounce incantations and curses upon them, earrings, necklaces, nail polish, fibre hair extensions, whichever type, whether it is bonding or braid, all golden things are products of satanism. So if you use these things, even though you are saved, if we want to attack you, we would use our code, and if you were wearing an earring or you put it in your drawer, we would come and see the house protected by a wall of fire from God, and we would scan with our code like you do at the till in the store. That's because the earring or fibre hair extension in your possession has a code. And I would come in and do whatever I want to do to you. It happens that someone has holiness even if they use our products, but the danger is that you cannot be protected.

When we come to your house and you are protected, we can go up to God, because satan can accuse the brethren to God, and we ask to get our product, whether it be an earring, fibre hair extensions, nail polish or whichever one of our products from the house. When we come to your house in the spirit we would then do whatever we want to do to you. We take advantage of the fact that God is bound by His faithfulness and He cannot steal. We would ask Him how He would lock our product in and shield it with the wall of fire. That is where the danger is with using satanic products. When we arrive we also take your holiness, little by little. I would go and cast curses and incantations on the products, we would pronounce that whoever uses them must be lustful; and if you use those products, the curse comes upon you.
Whether it is jewellery, we would pronounce that users must be prostitutes and must be harlots and be disobedient, (prostitution in the spirit is not limited to selling your body for money, it may also denote behaviour and the way a person dresses), I worked a lot with those things. There came a time when I got a promotion because I had worked a lot with those things and I was successful and they added another digit on my code, because I passed the class of praying and pronouncing curses on hair fibre extensions, jewellery, and the like.
I was promoted to dealing with the church, when I was at that rank; I visited a lot of well known Pastors.

When I went to any church event, mostly revivals, I would carry three arm rings, and two finger rings. The three arm rings I would throw in the middle of the church, and the finger rings I would throw in front of the Pastor, one to the right and one to the left. If the Pastor prayed, the first ring would roll towards the church, but the second would roll back to me, and as I've explained that I would pray over the rings while they are still in production, pronouncing curses over it, inducing lust. The Pastor would then see a beautiful girl, and if ever he meditates lustfully at the girl, he would lose his holiness, because we all know that the Holy Spirit does not dwell in an unclean place, that's how we brought down the Pastors.

Other times a Pastor would be strong and resist us with the rings, we would use his wife. If his wife uses any of our products, the fibre would operate on them at night just like it does with any other user. The Pastor’s wife would then change her doctrine, if in the church jewellery was not allowed, she would then change and say that there is nothing wrong with jewellery, and the Pastor would also agree because they are married and are one in spirit. I worked a lot on Pastors, and brought a lot of them down. When I have the Minister, he would then change, a Pastor that once preached that Christians should leave sin alone, he would now say that a girl can have one boyfriend, and he would say that a guy can have one girlfriend. He would change and say that ancestral worship is allowed.

Let me explain something, dead people are not demons, but they cannot do anything in this world anymore as they are awaiting their day of judgement. We would go to the graveyard and put our spirits to make it seem as though it is the relative, but it would be us. More especially if we see that you have a spiritual gift that would be to our detriment. We would then make you see your relative saying that you must be a witchdoctor or witch or a sangoma. When you start with that, you would then be introduced to snakes, a snake represents a satanist and satan himself. Five stars represent devil worshipers. When you think your ancestors are communicating with you, they are not, it is us. We would come to the house where we are called by the incense and we would drink the blood they sacrificed to us. We would sleep in their beds and enjoy ourselves.
When somebody is about to die, I would be sent there to check whether that person has any holiness, and if they don't, we would write them down in our book, that when judgment comes, they would go and burn with us. We knew that we were going to burn, we were told.

Sometimes they would say that we must fast for 40 days, 60 days if a certain Pastor is to preach somewhere, because there is nothing we could not see on earth. If it happens that you come a day short of the forty days, you would be chastised for that, because we were to come at that place powerful.

I would then come first to that place and pronounce curses such as that people should not listen and that they should not repent, and that the chief of that place be not burned by the prayers. I would also go to space to protect him so that the prayers do not burn him, because if he would burn, you would see a drunkard being saved saying that Jesus is Lord, you would see a harlot getting saved and saying that Jesus is Lord, if you see things like that happen, then you must know that the Pastor who is preaching prayed and the chief was burnt, and the demon moved even a tiny bit, because the duty of this demon which is chief is to sit on the residents of that place and surround them with demonic spirits so that they do not get saved and that those that drink alcohol should drink till they die, those that go to prison, die there, those that worship idols and ancestors should do so till they die, those that are harlots should remain like that till they die.

I was not working at the south coast, because I am from there, I worked at places like Durban and other places. When I was in space, I wasn't called by my name; they called me by my code. They would call me out by code to say for example that I must hurry and go to Swaziland, or Durban. As the factory there had finished manufacturing earrings, I had to go there and make incantations over them before they go to the stores. It was my duty to make incantations on them.

In another year I was sent to Ntuzuma, there was a Pastor there; I will not mention his name. I was sent to take his holiness. This Pastor was a real man of God, saved and his testimony was amazing. When I took his holiness, I was promoted. I became a graduate and I was then responsible for setting traps for the church. There was not a single thing that I didn't do at that point.

In space we use the Bible; we don’t work with things that are not written in the bible. As the bible says that a woman should cover her head in church, we would change that and influence her not to cover her head. As the woman is not covered, we would then accuse her to God and ask Him how He can consider her His child because she is not covered in church. We would change what is said in the bible for instance that a woman must not wear men's clothing,that's why we would put curses over pants that women wear. We would curse them and influence them to wear them more so that they may not see the Lord because of their disobedience.

I worked a lot when I became a graduate, I wasn't dealing with the church anymore, I only came to make devil worshipers of that church and pass by.Those devil worshipers do not know that they are devil worshipers because we would not separate them from their bodies like me. But we would use them if they have our products that I have listed, they would start gossiping, slandering, always complaining, and say that Pastors are after money and the like. People even stop going to church because of these devil worshipers. I would then leave them to their work and go to other churches to get reports and come back later to see the damage that they have caused in the church. That person that we have made a devil worshiper, starts changing their doctrine, saying that there is no problem with trousers on women, faith is in the heart, it is not on the trouser. Then, they would be working for us unknowingly, because they would be representing us. For the truth is clear that women should not wear trousers.

So when they start saying that it is permitted to wear trousers, and they start saying that people with earrings must come and worship in a holy place and even do things in church, and that the person will learn and gradually get rid of those things, when a Pastor says that people with boyfriends and girlfriends can come and lead worship or pray for people, then that Pastor belongs to us and is working for us. Let me tell you, when they say that they are going to quit sin, we would come and exert influence on them so that they don't leave sin, they keep doing it. We would make it more and more appealing, if for example a sister has a boyfriend, I would then influence that boyfriend to say that he is going to marry her. It is not because he is going to do it, we just want to make sure that you don't quit sinning and find it appealing until the return of Christ Jesus the Lord.

When I was in space, we had a big screen TV; we could see everything that was happening on earth. We were counting, and we knew that Jesus could return any moment and everything that we were sent to do, we had done. Like HIV, doctors cannot find the cure, that's because they are in the flesh, but I am a witness today that HIV was created in space, so that the youth will die young without knowing the salvation of the Lord Jesus. Satan wants to have more people to burn with him. He is still continuing with his contest for souls that had him kicked out of heaven. So we made HIV and we then dispersed it in the earth. But this condition cannot be cured, whether it is cancer or TB, doctors will not find the cure, because Jesus is the only One that can defeat and cure something that was made in space. A person in the flesh cannot cure it. Only Jesus Christ of Nazareth can cure it. A person can be prayed for, if they believe, they can be cured. Sickness bows, because at the name of Jesus, all things bow, we also bowed when the name of Jesus Christ is pronounced, so the sickness also bows.

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