1. Unhypnotized

    Alex Jones on Russia Today: WikiLeaks Revelations

    Nov 30, 2010 As people continue to decipher the thousands of US sensitive documents that were released by whistleblowing website WikiLeaks, what will the end result be? Many people believe it shows the government is doing a good job of protecting its citizens and doing the right thing...
  2. Unhypnotized

    CERN Documents Say LHC Could Lead To Ice-9 Extinction

    10-07-2010 03:17 AM 'According to those internal documents CERN has been lying for years to the press and in the suits, since it always affirmed that it won’t produce the ultra-dangerous, ultradense ‘strangelets’, the liquid explosive made of up, down and strange quarks, responsible of the...
  3. Unhypnotized

    CIA Can Withhold Oklahoma City Documents

    UPI Friday, April 2, 2010 A federal judge in Utah ruled in favor of the CIA in the agency’s refusal to release documents regarding the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. U.S. District Judge Clark Waddoups Tuesday refused to order the agency to hand over the documents to Salt Lake City lawyer...

    Paranormal TV Presents... / The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone

    Based on thousands of pages of de-classified documents, examines the government belief in aliens.
  5. New UFO Hunter

    The "CARET" and Isaacs' material Documents

    Hello everyone, This material has been out there for a while. What do the other members think of the CARET documents and the Isaac material? Does anybody know if it has ever been debunked? Has anyone been able to decipher the symbols and language used in the documents? All the CARET and...